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Last Edited August 19, 2021


Life Support
During the first 2 seconds of Energy regeneration Healing Beam regenerates 100% more Energy. Passive: Increase your maximum Energy by 10.
Cellular Reactor
Consume 30 Energy to heal Lt. Morales for 30% of her maximum Health over 3 seconds. Caduceus Reactor is disabled while this is active. Passive: Generate 2 Energy each time Safeguard reduces damage, up to a maximum of 10 Energy per use.
Vanadium Plating
While an ally affected by Safeguard is Stunned or Rooted, Safeguard grants an additional 20 Armor. Passive: Increase the duration of Safeguard by 1 second.
Medivac Dropship
Unlock the Medivac Dropship and Reinforcements Abilities. These abilities share a cooldown. Medivac Dropship Target a location for a Medivac transport. For up to 10 seconds before takeoff, allies can right-click to enter the Medivac. Reinforcements Call down a Medivac Dropship at your Hall of Storms for your allies. After 10 seconds, or when the Ability is activated again, the Medivac will travel to its original cast location to unload its passengers.
System Shock
Heroes hit by Displacement Grenade deal 30% less damage for 3 seconds.
Shield Sequencer
Safeguard gains a second charge and its range is increased by 60%.
Hospice Care
Safeguard grants its target Unkillable for 1 second. If the target is under 50% maximum Health when the Unkillable effect ends, they are healed for 8% of their maximum Health.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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