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Last Edited September 9, 2020

The Medivh Build

I hit Level 100 Medivh recently, and I figured it was time to tell everyone my thoughts on Medivh's talents. If you looked up Portal Mastery, I'm sure you've already heard my thoughts on that, but here's what I like to take and when/why I take them.
Portal Mastery
Medivh can manually place both Portal locations and it no longer breaks Raven Form. Activate Medivh's Trait to cancel an unliked Portal.
Portal Mastery is the best talent. Period. Here's a 13min video I made *on this talent alone* to emphasize all the hidden benefits that aren't obvious:

That said, a few quick thoughts regarding the other two: You can think of the talents as Easy - Medium - Hard. Raven's Intellect is good for new players learning medivh that misses Qs, and gets themselves into trouble. The caveat is that you're wasting tons of time in bird form, which you could have just hearthed and returned to the game with Winds of Celerity anyways. Winds is excellent when your team needs a scout - you can be anywhere on the map always informing your team where the enemy's position/strategy is. Finally, Portal Mastery is the one you want to take when you're completely comfortable with Medivh. It adds a final layer of complexity that *changes the way Medivh is played*.
Raven Familiar
A Raven Familiar joins allies each time they use a Portal. The Raven will dive at the ally's next Basic Attack against a Hero within 5 seconds, dealing 114 damage and Slowing them by 30% for 2.5 seconds.
This is a pretty flexible talent tier. Raven Familiar gives that extra damage *and* slow for aggressive Medivh players. Mage Armor is excellent for coordinated teams that are on comms, to have full engages every time a portal drops. Dust is good for times when you need vision; personally, I think Raven form is good enough as-is without the need of Dust.
Arcane Explosion
When Force of Will expires, it deals 80 damage to nearby enemies, plus 50% of the damage it prevented, up to 315 additional damage.
If you find your teammates always in on the thick of things, you may want to consider Arcane Explosion.
Ley Line Seal
After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that places enemy Heroes in Time Stop for 3 seconds.
You'll want LLS if you have a pro/coordinated team, but Polybomb is surprisingly useful in some scenarios. Most players don't deal with LLS well, and chances are, if you're reading a guide to learn Medivh, the level of play you're at just isn't at the pro scene. Start with Polybomb - it's a silence that lasts a significant amount of time which spreads if you use it at the right moments.

Boss steals with LLS are overrated - that only works in lower tiers, as any decent team would spread out so they won't all get trapped. If you do take it for boss steals, just remember to portal backwards (into the lane) where you can raven back up.
Enduring Will
Preventing at least 268 damage with Force of Will reduces its cooldown to 4 seconds.
Enduring Will is the go-to. Medivh is taken for *one* reason: Burst Mitigation. If you're doing your job right, this talent lets you mitigate burst more often. Circle of Protection is rarely the right choice simply because it makes your FoW 11 seconds cooldown; you can still take it when the enemy team has a good wombo composition. Reabsorption? That's trying to do the Healer's job; if you're trying to do their job, who's doing your job?
Temporal Flux
Basic Attacks reduce Medivh's Heroic Ability cooldown by 3%. Each enemy Hero hit by Arcane Rift reduces Medivh's Heroic Ability cooldown by 9%.
Temporal Flux received buffs since Medivh first got reworked. It is extremely useful to be able to use LLS multiple times in a single fight.
Medivh Cheats!
Increase the duration of the Time Stop by 33% and gain the ability to redirect the wave once while it's active.
This talent tier is rather flexible. If I go LLS, I always take the upgrade. I *never* take Glyph of Polybomb because it lowers the silence when there's only one target - it's a talent that nerfs your ultimate in some situations.

Guardian of Tirisfal is decent, but beware! If your team has good wave clear, this is unnecessary. Arcane Brilliance is always a nice choice as it helps pump up your team's damage during a critical fight - think of it as a second ultimate!
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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