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Created June 16, 2020


This is probably rhe most entertaining and powerful build for our priestess of Elune. 
Lunar Blaze
Increase the range of Lunar Flare by 30%. Quest: Heroes hit by Lunar Flare increase its damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%.
Core talent for the build, boosts damage output and lets you follow up cc much more often
Everlasting Light
If Light of Elune's second charge is cast on a different target from the first, it heals for 80% more.
Tyrandes struggles most when she has to heal different targets because if she is spreading her healing, her heals wont do much difference, for example if you'd q valla for 320 she wouldnt be encouraged to return to fight and do any impact but if you heal her for 35% of her hp she will most likely retutn back to pew pew enemies. Elune's chosen always was the talent that could bring your ally from beyond death, but now, its healing is not that big, and it sacrifices a lot of aoe healing, has no synergy with talents in this build, because you have to choose between darnassian archery and broken cleance. On the other side, your q in this build will get a lot of recets boosting value from this particular talent. Try to use one charge of q before fight so cooldown starts ticking, letting you cast 3 charges in quick sucsession later.
Huntress' Fury
Tyrande's Basic Attacks against targets with Hunter's Mark splash to nearby Heroes. Increases the range of Hunter’s Mark by 50%.
This is our replacement for elunes chosen, works the same way, if one of your allies is getting focused, you put mark on their front and spam aa + heals which recharge every 3-4 seconds. You can use mark on some fat mob, like immortal, punisher, water elemental, bruiser camp etc for safer position as it will still give you ricochettes. Increased range means you can apply mark before your stun hits letting you burst targets faster.
Deal 92 damage per second and Slow enemies by 20% in an area. Lasts 6 seconds.
I generally prefer starfall, because you can decide whom to heal, great zoning tool, resets your q really fast which synergies well with lvl 4 and lvl 16 cleanse.
Ranger's Mark
Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Hunter's Mark by 1 second. Basic Attacks against marked targets reduce the cooldown of Lunar Flare by 1.5 seconds.
Good talent that has great synergy with your entire talent tree. Mark cdr lets you mark more often, making more pressure on enemy fronts, and giving you more bounces from huntress fury. This talent also lets you cast lunar flare much more often, which has big impact asit does decent damage, stuns and again, resets your q.
Celestial Attunement
Light of Elune removes Stuns, Silences and Slows from its target. When a Stun or Silence is removed this way, Light of Elune may be used for free within 4 seconds. This free cast cannot benefit from Celestial Attunement.
Low cooldown cleanse that removes most cc in the game, must have talent against any comp as any comp has cc.
Shooting Star
Increase Basic Attack range by 1. Every 8th Basic Attack casts a free Lunar Flare at a random enemy near Tyrande's position. This prefers Heroic targets.
This talent lets you double stun enemies, do 7/8 aa, cast stun and do auto, congratz, you gave a great kill setup. Inreased range is sweet aswell, letting you position yourself better.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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