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Created May 14, 2020

Most viable Whitemane build atm

Rotation - cast Q on ally 1, then quickly cast Clemency on ally 2 for just a brief moment, then interrupt it and cast Q on 3rd ally or yourself and thus you have 3 marks for 90 mana in 1-2 seconds. Then just stutterstep, spam AA and Searing lash on enemy frontlane, cast ultimate when necessary.
Pity The Frail
For every Hero hit with Searing Lash, lower the cooldown of Inquisition by 1.5 seconds. Allies below 30% Health receive 25% more healing from Whitemane.
Very good talent that lets you cast clemency much more often than you could, especially when you take searing lash cdr on level 13 and lets you have 3 Zeal marks for low mana price, or 4 for reasonable price.
Unwavering Faith
Increase Whitemane's Basic Attack range by 1.1. Whitemane gains 20% increased Basic Attack damage for each active Zeal buff.
Your bread and butter in this build. Reason why you want to have atleast 3 marks active at a time. Spamming AA is much safer then channeling Inquisition on enemy frontlane because you dont root yourself and clemency in rotation lets you have 1 more mark than Inquisition. Also its only talent that increases your damage and damage kills heroes in this game. This AA poke is sencible for squishy enemy divers like tracer or genji.
Activate to make an ally Unstoppable for 1 second and gain 1 stack of Desperation.
Cleanse is a must-have talent and just too good to skip even though this build is focused on AA. Scarlet Wrath is considerable if enemy has no CC but this is a very rare case.
Divine Reckoning
After 1 second, consecrate an area for 4 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies inside. 25% of the damage dealt to Heroes is returned as Mana.
Better to cast it with CC or on ally that is being focused, else its easy to run away from this ult. Usually its better for your team to stay in your ult and force fight in it then run away from it.
Lashing Out
If Searing Lash's second strike hits an enemy Hero, reduce its cooldown to 1 second.
This talent lets you apply marks with clemecy and root more often.
Harsh Discipline
Hitting a Hero with Searing Lash while they are being targeted by Inquisition Roots them for 1.5 seconds.
Very good cc tool that needs a little pracitce to proc it fast. Basically a point and click CC which is rare in this game. Radiance is a good choice aswell if you want to focus more on healing - cast Q on 3 different targets to quickly activate it then quickly cast clemency to drop to 2 desperate stacks and cast Q again to reach 3 stacks of desperation again which procs it, This combo alone heals for around 2000 on singe target on level 20 which is close to ancestral healing value and even more if you activate your trait and if your target is below 25% health. This combo costs 400 mana and if you dont have that much you can proc it with your cleance when you already have 2 desperate stacks.
Purge the Wicked
Activate to blast an enemy Hero with holy fire, reducing their Armor by 25 and dealing 300 damage over 4 seconds.
This talent puts a lot of pressure on enemy frontlaners and if you manage to quckly cast your trait, purge the wicked and root combo you basically kill any assasin alone because this combo does more than 3k damage in 3 seconds which means your allies with zeal will heal for 3k aswell. Guiding light is good if you have players that dive too deep for you to help them like 1v9 Illidan or Sonya.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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