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Created May 16, 2020

Maximum value Auriel

Big heals, big damage pocket gust and broken lategame
Searing Light
Ray of Heaven also deals damage to enemies in the area equal to 30% of the energy consumed.
on lvl 1 sweep does 210 damage, with 8 sec. cd, this talent does 170 every 4 seconds and is instant. Try to get as much friendly and enemy heroes in one ray. Damage done with this talent refunds energy so its free cast anytime when you cast it on creep wave with 2-3 heroes. Good for finishing fleeing opponents as it has big range and instant cast. Free damage on zerg wave on braxxis aswell just make sure your allies dont die because you have your heal on cooldown.
Repeated Offense
Enemies hit by Detainment Strike are knocked back 25% further. Quest: Every time Detainment Strike stuns a Hero, increase the stun damage by 10, up to 60. Reward: After stunning 6 Heroes, increase the damage by an additional 250.
Lets you stun much more often and does a nice amount of damage when quest is done.
Energized Cord
Increases the energy stored from Auriel's Basic Attacks to 100% of the damage against Heroes and 40% of the damage against non-Heroes. Does not affect your Bestow Hope ally.
Gives you much more pve healing and lets you heal even if your crown target is afk(if so, you should switch your crown on anyone else).
Crystal Aegis
Place an allied Hero into Stasis for 2 seconds. Upon expiration, Crystal Aegis deals 255 damage to all nearby enemies.
Good save if you time it well, usually its best to use it on cced targets
Piercing Lash
Detainment Strike now pierces and hits all enemies in a line and reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.
pocket gust, lets you stun more often.
Reservoir of Hope
Quest: Each maximum energy Ray of Heaven Auriel casts increases the maximum amount of energy that can be stored by 75.
Stack this to 10+ asap and your W is basically AoE ancestral healing with 4 sec CD and no delay. Its damage is close to flamestrike damage in lategame.
Diamond Resolve
When Crystal Aegis expires, it grants the target 75 Armor for 5 seconds, reducing damage taken by 75%.
Gamechanging talent that lets you heal atleast 3 times, for 1.5-2k. on level 20 crystal does like 500 damage, your healing ray also does 500 damage that means if someone is near your crystal target(tanks/bruisers) they will get significant amount of damage. This talent is logical upgarde for crystal aegis because people will usually catch all the skillshots after aegis ends.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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