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Created June 4, 2021


use on high hp and immobile tanks. focus on W getting value, use Q to set up W
Fealty Unto Death
When a nearby friendly or enemy Minion dies, Leoric restores 1.25% of his maximum Health and 6 Mana.
Paralyzing Rage
Increases the Slow of Skeletal Swing by 20%.
Drain Momentum
Drain Hope no longer reduces Leoric's Movement Speed. If Drain Hope lasts its full duration, gain 30% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
Create an unpassable tomb for 4 seconds.
Unyielding Despair
Drain Hope's cooldown is reduced by 0.75 seconds for every 1 second it is active. It Drain Hope lasts its full duration, its cooldown is reduced by an additional 2 seconds.
Crushing Hope
If Drain Hope lasts its full duration, it instantly deals an additional 15% of the target's maximum Health as damage. This damage does not heal Leoric.
Burning Despair
Deal 40 damage per second to nearby enemies. While Drain Hope is active, gain 40 Armor and the damage and area is increased by 100%.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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