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Created January 16, 2022

GIGA drake

Flames of Fury
Reduce the Mana cost of Flame Buffet from 50 to 40. Quest: Hit 20 burning heroes with Flame Buffet. Reward: Hitting a Burning Hero with Flame Buffet reduces Dragonqueen's cooldown by 5 seconds.
Heat Exhaustion
Increase Flame Buffet's Slow from 40% to 50%.and cause it to no longer decay.
Fire Within
Hitting a Burning Hero with Flame Buffet heals Alexstrasza for 10% of her maximum Health.
Bind Alexstrasa's life force with an allied Hero. Both her and her target are healed for 480 over 2 seconds. Afterwards, the Hero with a lower percentage of Health is healed to the same Health percentage as the other Hero.
Dragon Scales
Gain 50 Armor while Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced, and for 2 seconds after. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds.
Draconic Discipline
Increase Dragonqueen's duration by 6 seconds, and Basic Attack healing by 50%.
Ancient Flame
While Dragonqueen is active, Alexstrasza's Basic Attacks apply Flame Buffet.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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