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Created November 29, 2017

E/AA Build

Crippling Poison
Activate to cause Valeera's next damaging Ability and subsequent Abilities within 4 seconds Slow targets by 20% for 4 seconds. Activating Crippling Poison does not break Stealth.
Vigor an alternative for more damage
Valeera's Basic Attacks deal 40% additional damage to enemies affected by Garrote.
Slice and Dice
Eviscerating an enemy with 3 Combo Points grants 150% Attack Speed. Lasts 3 seconds or 3 Basic Attacks. Passive: Basic Attacks restore 2 Energy.
Smoke Bomb
Create a cloud of smoke. While in the smoke, Valeera is Unrevealable, can pass through other units, and gains 60 Armor, reducing damage taken by 60%. Valeera can continue to attack and use Abilities without being revealed. Lasts 5 seconds. Using this Ability does not break Stealth.
Using Garrote on a Hero reduces their Spell Power by 40% for 6 seconds.
Seal Fate
Sinister Strike deals 50% additional damage and generates an additional Combo Point when used against silenced, rooted, or stunned enemy Heroes.
Lets you go opener->Q->Evis->W->Q->Evis
Increases Valeera's Movement Speed while Vanished by an additional 20%.
Adrenaline Rush lets you E a second time within the 2.75s Silence, by letting you cast W. Strong alternative for more damage

Rupture is a trap, never take
Balance Patch - 11/29/17
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