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Last Edited October 25, 2020

Standard Odin (Seen on Sammy 10/24 in CCL)

Update: I think this is just the best Tychus build in general right now. I think a full trait build could be better if you are against Cho'gall, Deathwing, Garrosh, Diablo, other very high hp heroes that are difficult to kill otherwise, but this build is better at everything else (wave clear, burst, dps, chase, not too shabby at sustained dps either). 

I'm sure he isn't the first one to do this build but I hadn't seen this exact Odin build myself until today.

I think you could make an argument for attack range at 1 but I think in general the move speed and range on dash is more useful more often. I also think if the enemy team has a ton of hard cc, you are under threat of cc and burst often, and if you don't need to assist with wave clear early then Relentless Soldier isn't bad. Neosteel Coating also pairs really well with Relentless soldier for those same problems, but losing Spray and Pray feels pretty bad.
Increase the range of Run and Gun by 50%. When cast, increase Tychus's Movement Speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.
The Bigger They Are..
Increase the damage bonus to 4% while enemy Heroes are above 30% Health, but Minigun no longer has any effect on targets below 30%.
Melting Point
Enemies hit by Frag Grenade take an additional 75 damage over 3 seconds. This damage is increased by 100% against Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters.
Commandeer Odin
Call down an Odin to pilot. The Odin deals increased Damage, has 100% increased Basic Attack range, and uses different Abilities. The Odin has 25 Armor and lasts 23 seconds.
Spray 'n' Pray
Overkill Slows enemy Movement Speed by 25% and its range is increased by 25%.
Armor Piercing Rounds
Each time Overkill hits an enemy, its damage against them is increased by 15%, stacking up to 60% bonus damage.
Big Red Button
Odin lasts 50% longer and Ragnarok Missiles also launches a Nuclear Missile, which lands 2.5 seconds later, dealing 319 damage in its area.
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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