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Created August 19, 2018

nazeebro we scalin'

Reduce the Mana cost of Corpse Spiders by 10. Reward: After Corpse Spiders attack Heroes 100 times, their attack damage is increased by 30% and the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
Big Voodoo
Increases the Health and Mana bonuses from Voodoo Ritual by 100%.
Spirit of Arachyr
If your jar of Corpse Spiders hits only 1 enemy, spawn an additional spider.
Ravenous Spirit
Channel a Ravenous Spirit that deals 115 damage per second. Cannot move while channeling. Lasts for 8 seconds.
Ice Block
Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.
Soul Harvest
Activate to increase your Health and Ability Power by 3% for each nearby enemy, up to a maximum of 15%. Lasts 15 seconds.
Vile Infection
Quest: After reaching 175 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, it can also be applied to Heroes and its damage is increased by 150%.
New Season - 7/10/18
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