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Created March 9, 2017

bigE's reset city b

Force Armor
When Magic Missiles damages an enemy Hero, you gain a charge of Spell Block, reducing the damage by the next Ability by 50%. Gain 1 charge per cast and store up to 4 charges. Passive: Mana regeneration is increased by 100% while below 35% Mana.
Astral, Power Hungry, and Force armor is all viable on this tier but I just choose Force armor mainly because it is a better Spell Shield and at level 1 you can stack up 4 spell shields basically.
Takedowns restore 30% of your maximum Health.
Dominance over any talent on this tier it's just too broken gives u 20% of max hp back for killing someone basically when u pop off you will never drop below half health and you don't need heals.
Teleport does 300 damage to enemies near your destination.
Calamity makes your E an ability basically the other 2 talents aren't very good.
Wave of Force
Knock away all enemies from an area and deal 160 damage.
I choose Wave of Force over Disintegrate just because it is a very annoying ability and allows you to keep going as you reset.
Increases Teleport range by 50%, and if you lose more than 20% of your Health at once, its cooldown is instantly refreshed. This cannot happen more than once every 4 seconds.
Illusionist is just best talent in this tier the other 2 is not very good and the range is very nice to chase and runaway.
Drastically increases Magic Missiles speed. Its cooldown is reduced by 1 second, and its Mana cost is reduced by 5.
Fireflies is my choice but Mirrorball and Diamond Skin is also good depending on what you want. but I like Fireflies because it's very good with Force armor(lvl 1 talent) gives you permanent spell shield basically.
Increases Wave of Force knockback distance by 150% and increases its cast range by 100%.
Repulsion makes your Wave of Force just so annoying to deal with for enemy team and allows you to play make and peel.
Balance Update - 2/27/17
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