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Created January 2, 2018

New Malfurion Build

After playing a few games on him i think i have a good idea of what the best build is.
Nature's Swiftness
Malfurion gains 5% Movement Speed per ally affected by Regrowth.
Although killing people with autos as malf was nice, now that going slow contests ice block it isn't as good as it was. And the move speed could help you escape ganks or get in range for a root.

The innervate cooldown can be good if you have a mana hungry mage like jaina.
Vengeful Roots
Entangling Roots spawns a Treant that deals 65 damage per second and lasts 10 seconds. Repeatable Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Entangling Roots permanently increases the Treant's Basic Attack damage by 7.
Unless the other team has a long CD burst heal to save a CCd target like ancestral i dont think the Anti heal root is good.

Deeps roots will always be solid.

Vengeful can be good, specifically when the treeant will block important skillshots from the other team like li ming spells or stitches hooks.
Nature's Cure
Activate to remove all Stuns, Roots, and Slows from allies affected by Regrowth.
Cleanse is back, so i think its the go to, but if the other team only has ccs that your cleanse doesn't work on like silences, taunts or fears the increased duration on every W feels really good.

Wild Growth can definitely be good if the other team lacks hard CC.

The root talent could be good if the other team has a light CC that you're ok with getting hit by, like Johanna W.
Twilight Dream
After 0.5 seconds, deal 355 damage in a large area around Malfurion, Silencing enemies making them unable to use Abilities for 3 seconds.
Tranq is more viable now but i still feel the kill pressure brought from dream is crucial to his kit.
Ice Block
Activate to place Malfurion in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.
can take the moon fire slow if you're super safe, but ice block is pretty crucial to being able to survive after a big dream or during tranquility.
Nature's Balance
Increase Moonfire's area by 25% and Regrowth's duration by 5 seconds.
After playing a few games with each of the talents, Moonlit Harmony feels like it has the biggest impact, aslong as you can keep Qs on 3 or more people you should be able to feel a pretty big difference when landing Ws on more than 1 person.
Astral Communion
Activate to Channel for 1 second, and then instantly teleport and cast Twilight Dream at the targeted location. Cooldown is shared with Twilight Dream. Passive: Increases Twilight Dream's Silence duration to 4 seconds.
Either Ult upgrade.
PTR Balance Patch - 1/2/17
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Appreciate the explanations given to each tier, makes learning the new Malfurion much easier.
Damn, this is the malf rework I've been waiting for. No more scouting drone, yay!
Excellent explanations. Thanks for doing this!
agreed! I just started playing him f2p this week and appreciate the share