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Created December 1, 2021

Azmodan Auto Stacking

This build works best on 2 lane maps like Hanamura and Braxis, where you can build mass stacks quickly in the 4 man grouping.
Basic Attacks against Heroes under 75% Health grant 1 Annihilation. Quest: After gaining 200 Annihilation, hitting a Hero with Globe of Annihilation increases the damage of Azmodan's next Basic Attack against them within 3 seconds by 85% of the amount of Annihilation he has.
Reduce the Mana cost of Summon Demon Warrior from 25 to 20. Azmodan's Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Summon Demon Warrior by 0.75 seconds and Demon Lieutenant by 1.5 seconds.
After casting Globe of Annihilation, Azmodan's Basic Attacks within the next 4 seconds have an additional 1.5 range and can hit 3 additional targets. Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks empowered by Bombardment grant 1 Annihilation.
Tide of Sin
Activate to make the next Globe of Annihilation cost no Mana and deal 50% more damage. Usable while Channeling All Shall Burn.
Brutish Vanguard
Demon Warriors and Demon Lieutenants gain 25% increased Health. Demon Warriors Slow nearby enemies by 20%.
Hell Rift
If All Shall Burn Channels for its full duration or kills the target, a Demon Warrior is summoned at the target's location and all Demon Warriors deal 75% increased damage for 5 seconds.
After gaining 400 Annihilation, the area of Globe of Annihilation is increased by 15% and it deals 125 additional damage.
Balance Patch - 05/18/2021
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I actually really enjoy AA Azmodan, though I think you should almost always go Trample at 16 for this build. It gives mobility, damage and slow, and is excellent when you find yourself at closer range, either as an escape or as a kill threat!
agree that this build (with trample subbed in) is where it's at.