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Created June 3, 2018


Arguably Hero League's greatest support, he can keep teammates alive that take way too much free damage and secure kills with roots while providing additional mana + CD reduction. 
Malfurion gains 100% base health regeneration for every active regrowth.
Additional movement speed means survivability and greater ability to land your heals and roots.
Vengeful Roots
Entangling Roots spawns a Treant that deals 58 damage per second and lasts 10 seconds. Repeatable Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Entangling Roots permanently increases the Treant's damage per second by 7.
Tree buddy! More damage and like Anubarak's beetles, can block incoming spells. Other two talents here are viable, play it by ear or whichever you prefer. Hard to go wrong with 25% larger root + duration.
Nature's Cure
Activate to remove all Stuns, Roots, and Slows from allies affected by Regrowth.
Cleanse on everyone who has Q. Tenacious Roots can be good + a lot of fun if against a lot of stuns... if you're still alive to survive that.
Heal nearby allied Heroes for 80 Health per second for 8 seconds. Allies affected by Regrowth within Tranquility's area gain 10 Armor.
Never thought the day would come I'd tell people to take Tranq over Twi-lit. TD is still great, can stop heavy-dive in a pinch, but Tranquility can do that as well, especially with the armor bonus it grants (to whoever has Q on them.) Tranq doesn't get interrupted like TD, and you don't have to put yourself out of position to cast; keep this in mind.
Nature's Swiftness
Malfurion gains 6% Movement Speed for each active Regrowth.
Ice Block is just mandatory at this point. Your team finds out you didn't take it, you will become an even greater priority (if you weren't already.)
Moonlit Harmony
Increase Moonfire's heal by 15% per ally affected by Regrowth.
Make your burst heal even more bursty at 15% per Q. Nature's Balance is also a worthy pickup, but I find the Lit Harmony to be more potent.
Each enemy Hero hit by Moonfire reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 3 seconds. Increase Tranquility's healing by 10% per ally affected by Regrowth.
A lot of sweet choices here, but I amp up Tranq's healing with Serenity here.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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