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Created June 6, 2018

Just Blaze

Standard Blaze build, nothing too fancy as his talents are rather straightforward. 
Neural Stimpack
Activate to gain 30 Mana and cause Basic Ability cooldowns to recharge 100% faster for 5 seconds.
More mana + CD reduction means longer time in lane + self sustain. Rhyme game's dirty.
Adhesive Petroleum
Enemies standing in Oil Spill when it is ignited are slowed by 30% for 2.5 seconds.
Adhesive so you don't lose your slow once ignited. Don't think Oil Dispersal is necessary as it's rather simple to land your oil spill on an enemy.
Hitting an enemy with both streams of Flame Stream deals 139 bonus damage.
Have grown to prefer the burst + snipe dmg this can provide in lane and vs heroes.
Bunker Drop
After 0.5 seconds, deploy and enter a Bunker with 1435 Health. Blaze and his allies can enter (after a .5 second channel) and exit the Bunker at will. While in the Bunker, occupants gain access to Flamethrower, dealing 170 damage to enemies in a line. Exiting the Bunker grants 25 Armor for 2 seconds. Bunkers last 10 seconds, or until destroyed.
Despite all the nerfs, Bunker is still the go to option. Provides your teammates with all sorts of safety measures, like cleansing Last Rites!
Fuel Leak
Jet Propulsion creates Oil Spills along Blaze's path. If Jet Propulsion impacts an enemy Hero, an additional Oil Spill is created underneath them.
More oil, more healing, more damage, it's all the same stuff.
Thermal Protection
Each enemy hit by Jet Propulsion grants to 10 Armor for 3 seconds and reduces its cooldown by 1.25 seconds.
But now you get CD reduction on charge + armor, so your self-sustain just continues to rise. Scaling fam, scaling.
Fortified Bunker
Occupants can cast Oil Spill from Bunker Drop every 6 seconds. Additionally, Bunker Drop's Armor bonus exiting is increased by 25, and its duration by 1 second.
Even more armor upon leaving bunker. Not that you have any other option at 20, but Burn Notice is also great, especially if paired with your level 7.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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