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Created June 24, 2018

How I Build 'Didz

The only build for Gall. 
Every time Cho is hit by a Hero Basic Attack, reduce the Cooldown of Shove by 1 second.
First step in becoming a top-tier Gall player is utilizing your Z at the right time. Gall is unstoppable, allowing you to Z at anytime (minus VP/time stop.) Get moshed? Z out. With all this in mind, Taskmaster will grant you many more Z's, especially vs Overwatch heroes.
Bomb's Away
Quest: Damaging a Hero with Runic Blast increases its damage by 5, up to a maximum of 200. Reward: After damaging 20 Heroes, the range and speed of Cho's Rune Bomb is increased by 20%.
Careful not to mix up with Runic Persistence, which is an awful talent, Bomb's Away will allow you to scale infinitely, and with silence at 16, it can destroy squishy backlines in an instant.
Double Trouble
Quest: If Shadowflame hits an enemy Hero that is afflicated by Cho's Consuming Blaze, its cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds. Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, Shadowflame's cooldown is instead permanently reduced by 1 second.
Double Trouble for more pewpews, just make sure you're patient and wait for your Cho to mark the target with Consuming Blaze first before casting.
Shadow Bolt Volley
After 1 second, unleash 20 Shadow Bolts over 4 seconds, each dealing 87 damage to the first target hit. The bolts fire towards your mouse.
Either one is great, so choose accordingly. Nether has the ability to chunk an entire team, while Shadow Bolt Volley can eliminate anyone if used correctly. Be aware that you can't cast any other spell as Gall when channeling Shadowbolt.
Searing Shadows
Enemy Heroes hit by Shadowflame take an additional 2% of their maximum Health as damage.
Now that your pewpews are quicker, give them more damage by adding flat % dmg to the mix.
Deafening Blast
Runic Blast silences enemy Heroes for 1.25 seconds.
Broken talent. No seriously, it's like Sylvanas's Wailing Arrow but every few seconds. Always take this.
Shadow Bolt Volley hits all enemies in its path.
The Will of Gall is super fun if you feel like playing with your food longer, otherwise Shadowfury. To think, a scaling talent at level 20...
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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