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Created November 14, 2018


Main tank or solo lane bruiser, it might be awhile before he settles down and becomes pickable in ranked play. If you can snag him, however, this is how you build the guy.
Time to Feed
Mal'Ganis heals for 52 when damaging a nearby enemy Hero. This can occur once every 6 seconds against each enemy Hero.
More healing.
Fueled by Torment
While Necrotic Embrace is active, Mal'Ganis heals for 11 when damage is taken and Vampiric Touch converts 15% more Hero damage into healing.
Even more healing.
Will of Tichondrius
The third slash of Fel Claws steals 3% of maximum Health from enemy Heroes.
Nice burst of damage at the final swipe. Also pairs well with Blind as a Bizzat at 16.
Carrion Swarm
After 1 second, disperse into an Invulnerable swarm of bats for 3 seconds, dealing 63 damage per second to enemies. Vampiric Touch heals for 75% of Carrion Swarm's damage to Heroes.
Gets you out of a bind. Team fight started poorly, pop this and go back to full health while doing damage.
Deep Sleep
Increase Night Rush's Sleep duration by 0.75 seconds and its Movement Speed bonus by 10%.
Close to 3 seconds of sleep is bonkers, and you also do it quicker now.
Blind as a Bat
Activate to erupt with blind rage, removing the cooldown and Mana cost of Fel Claws, but losing all vision. Lasts 6 seconds.
The strongest option here, works exceptionally well over an objective + boss point.
Seeker Swarm
Upon expiring, Carrion Swarm's bats seek nearby enemy Heroes, dealing 132 damage and Sleeping them for 2.5 seconds.
Brings a team fight to a grinding halt. Regroup and coordinate a kill, similar to how Deckard's Stay Awhile and Listen functions.
Balance Patch - 10/31/18
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