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Last Edited May 27, 2019


This build is focused on playing safe, collecting as much Sadism possible, and blowing up people at the right time with Discord Strike. In order to help your team, you must first play for yourself; exactly how Alarak would want it. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, let me know! Thanks for checking out my build. 
Ruthless Momentum
Reduce the Mana cost of Telekinesis from 30 to 20. Telekinesis's cooldown recharges 75% faster while above 80% health.
1. Ruthless Momentum - Being able to make some explode quicker is always great. You should always be near/above 80% health; you don't wanna be in the thick of a fight as Alarak. I don't bother with Extended Lightning because I don't wanna reduce my Sadism, and I find the rewards not worth, especially with how the rest of this build works. To me, spending Sadism for a talent is a set back, when every % of spell power is crucial in obtaining kills, and thus more damage. Sustaining Power is okay, but I'd rather caster abilities more frequently.
Chaos Reigns
Quest: Hit Heroes with Discord Strike. Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, increase its damage by 60. Reward: After hitting 2 Heroes with a single Discord Strike, increase its damage by 60. Reward: After hitting 3 Heroes with a single Discord Strike, increase its damage by 100 and instantly gain all other Rewards.
4. Chaos Reigns - This is what will make you a monster, and it doesn't reduce your Sadism! Yay! The trick to hitting three people is to play the patient game, wait til the enemy team clumps or lines up. You won't always complete the quest, but when you do it's satisfying. Also, should you lose all of your Sadism for whatever reason, having this quest completed will keep your damage output relevant. Disregard the other two talents here, they just don't work with what we're trying to achieve.
Increase Discord Strike's Silence duration by 0.75 seconds.
7. Dissonance - A 1.5 second silence now becomes 2.25, which is more than an eternity in this game. This will compliment your level 16 talent extremely well (more on that later). Applied Force will take more Sadism away, which isn't cool. Sure, the benefits are useful, not necessary. Hindered Motion doesn't measure up to it's sibling talents.
Alarak becomes Protected and Unstoppable while channeling for 1 second. If an enemy Hero attacked Alarak during that time, Alarak sends a shockwave forward that deals 275 damage.
10. Counter-Strike - Your only measure of self-defense when being dived outside of pushing yourself away with Telekinesis.
Rite of Rak'Shir
Activate to mark an enemy Hero for 300 seconds. Hitting the marked Hero with Discord Strike increases Sadism by 3%. Killing the marked Hero increases Sadism by 5% and lowers the cooldown of Rite of Rak'Shir to 10 seconds. Sadism gained from Rite of Rak'Shir is lost on death.
13. Rite of Rak'Shir - Easily the best of the three talents, as the Sadism you collect here is limitless. Throw it on someone who is about to die, or place it on a tank and make them doubt engaging against you every time.
Mocking Strikes
Basic Attacks against Stunned, Silenced, Slowed, or Rooted Heroes reduce the cooldown of Alarak's Basic Abilities by 3 seconds.
16. Mocking Strikes - Remember Dissonance at 7? Now you can keep your target permanently silenced while bursting them over and over. 2.5 second reduction + Ruthless Momentum = one really dead enemy. Lightning Barrage here doesn't concern us, and auto-attacks is never the focus source of Alarak's damage output.
Deadly Charge
After channeling, Alarak charges forward dealing 208 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies in the path. Distance is increased based on the amount of time channeled, up to 1.625 seconds.Issuing a Move order while this is channeling will cancel it at no cost. Taking damage will interrupt the channeling.This ability will take over your Trait button.
Go whatever you feel is best here. Personally, I like to finally charge in and surprise the enemy team, but really it's at your discretion. I don't like spending Sadism no matter what because I'm greedy (in regards to Hasty Bargain.) Last Laugh is also great for that last second escape, or if you wanna yolo in for a kill.
Balance Patch - 11/14/17
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