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Created September 25, 2018


The old Z-build still seems to be the most effective through the rework. If you can hit every Q directly, then go Q-build. Otherwise Z-build is still the way. 
Hyper Shift
Increase Phase Shift's healing by an additional 10% of the target's maximum Health. Nearby enemy Minion deaths reduce Phase Shift's cooldown by 2 seconds.
30% of total HP healed when you teleport to your teammate now. Also it's CD is reduced when minions die, allowing you to off-lane soak before an objective fight.
Unstable Anomaly
Increase Polymorph's Slow by 15%. Upon expiration, Polymorph deals damage to nearby enemy Heroes equal to 2% of their maximum Health.
The additional slow and dmg help secure kills.
Phase Shifting to an ally grants both Brightwing and her target a 335 point Shield and reveals a large area around them for 5 seconds.
Keep on buffing the Z build with a shield + area reveal.
Emerald Wind
After 0.5 seconds, create an expanding nova of wind, dealing 225 damage and pushing enemies away.
Emerald Wind gives you big play potential. Z to your teammate who dived, cast, win fight. Also too good on boss-heavy maps.
Pixie Power
Reduce the cooldown of Pixie Dust by 3 seconds and increase the Spell Armor granted by 25.
50 spell armor granted on a 7 second CD. No matter what, the enemy team will have spell damage in some way or another. Best option at 13, but Boost can be effective disengage if needed.
While Polymorphed, the target's Armor is reduced by 25, increasing the damage they take by 25%.
The classic armor reduction poly still the best option.
Intensive Winds
Permanently reduce Emerald Wind's cooldown to 5 seconds and increase its Mana cost to 200.
Intensive Winds and Faerie Protector are your options here. If you need more peel, go with winds. If you're up against heavy spell damage, take protector and give your entire team 50 spell armor.
Balance Patch - 9/20/18
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