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Created December 1, 2020

Standar build

Varian is viable like a tank. ps: talents lvl 1 and 4 buffered
Lion's Maw
Quest: Every time Lion's Fang hits a Hero, increase its damage by 6, up to 150. Reward: After hitting 25 Heroes, the Slow is increased to 50% and its duration is increased to 2 seconds.
Silence a target Hero and force them to attack Varian for 1.25 seconds. Passive: Maximum Health and Health Regeneration increased by 40%.
Increase Lion's Fang's healing from Heroes by 75%.
Shield Wall
Parry grants Protected, preventing all incoming damage while active. Additionally, Parry's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds, but it loses 1 charge.
Shattering Throw
Activate to throw a sword at a target Hero that deals 50 damage, and up to 1400 bonus damage to their Shields. Basic Attacks against Heroes deal up to 200% bonus Physical Damage to Shields.
Banner of Dalaran
Activate to place a Banner that grants 20% increased Spell Power to nearby allied Heroes. Lasts 12 seconds.
Glory to the Alliance
Banner now also increases health regeneration and all healing received for nearby allied Heroes by 50%, and the cooldown is reduced by 50%.
Balance Patch - 11/4/2020
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