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Created January 28, 2019

Grong Destruction Warlock

Grong is a very good destruction warlock fight because while a large portion of the fight is single target the biggest thing that will wipe you on this fight is not dealing with the add(s) properly.

Destruction is an extremely powerful 2 target cleave spec every 30 seconds due to havoc and the Apetagonizer add on the Grong fight is up for about 15-20 seconds meaning that you can set up and get your full havoc window off pretty easily all while dealing damage to the boss. Destruction whenever an add is introduced can be one of the more complex specs due to optimizing havoc to its fullest.

If you see an add coming up on Grong ( I recommend BigWigs to track boss timers) save 3-4 shards instantly immolate the add if you are running the Flashpoint azerite trait to get a proc. Havoc the boss and try to dump as many abilities as you can. Depending on haste procs due to reverse entropy and other trinkets otherwise your goal is to get at least 3 chaos bolts in a havoc window every single time with good RNG you can get up to 6 however that is unrealistic at times. Other than that just stack up as a clump on ranged and be aware of adds spawns and save resources to do some of the most powerful cleave damage in the game that doesn't require the targets to be stacked up.

Most kill times for grong are just barely reaching the 4 minute mark because of this it might be worth to save your 2nd dark soul for your 2nd infernal as your 3rd dark soul might not get much usage if the fight is over in 4:10 however, kill times are up to your current group and thinking on the fly using time to die weakauras or just pulling a boss on mythic 100 times will let you know exactly how much dps and when you expect to kill the boss so you can plan your cooldowns accordingly. 
Lingering Apparition
Increases the duration of Wraith Walk by 80%.
This is the standard talent for pretty much every situation you almost never swap out of it as it feels the best and lets you get the most in a havoc window.
Create an unpathable tomb in front of you for 4 seconds.
Similar to Flashover this is an ability that is used in almost every scenario the only time you would really pick a different talent would be shadowburn if you had to kill explosives in m+ other than that reverse entropy not only feels the best but plays into havoc even more.
Spell Shield
Upon taking Ability Damage, reduce that damage and further Ability Damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Can only trigger once every 30 seconds.
Dark Pact can be extremely powerful cooldown especially on Grong. Having a 1 min shield basically makes it so that you can have it up for every trample which is really the major thing that will deal the most predictable damage and if you can use dark pact effectively you can nullify a lot of damage.
Unyielding Despair
Every second Drain Hope is active, its cooldown is reduced by 1 second.
Standard single target talent and aoe talent the other 2 talents simply aren't that good and because of that Cataclysm is simply superior.
Death March
Your final swing of March of the Black King also applies the base version of Drain Hope to all enemy Heroes in a large area.
To be honest this row is up to you while you could use demonic circle in a portion of a room to move further around you could use mortal coil if you want a quick on GCD health pot if the damage on Grong is massive or to use it on the move as destro cant do too many instant casts on the move anyway.
Hardened Shield
Activate to reduce damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds.
This is a super effective talent on single target this talent basically blows the other 2 talents out of the water. Make sure whenever you are using this talent and running Dark Soul: Instability that you delay your dark soul for 5-10 seconds as the infernal lasts 30 seconds and Dark Soul lasts 20. Having the dark soul for the end of your infernal when supremacy is stacked up can be extremely powerful.
Gale Force
Increases Blinding Wind damage by 40%.
Pretty much another staple talent for most single target or cleave fights if used effectively with supremacy can be used to have quite an insane amount of burst damage.
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