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Created January 3, 2019

Strong cc and savety build

Impaling Light
Celestial Charge's final damage is increased by 125% and cooldown is reduced by 1.25 seconds for each Valorous Brand on the target when the Stun completes.
Unshakable Faith
Activating Molten Armor removes Roots and Slows and heals Imperius for 200.
Flash of Anger
Consuming a mark from Celestial Charge deals 180 damage and gives Imperius a Shield for 300 over 4 seconds
Wrath of the Angiris
After 0.75 seconds, charge in the target direction, lifting the first enemy Hero hit into the Heavens. While in the air, Imperius can steer the landing location by moving. After 2 seconds, slam the target into the ground, dealing 375 damage and Stunning them for 1 second.
Divine Rage
Consuming a Valorous Brand mark reduces the cooldown of Molten Armor by 1 second.
Melting Touch
Consuming a Molten Armor mark reduces the target's Armor by 25 for 4 seconds.
Activate to become Unstoppable and gain 75 Spell Armor for 3 seconds. Hitting Heroes with the center of Solarion's Fire reduces this cooldown by 5 seconds.
Balance Patch - 12/11/18
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