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Created October 16, 2019

Aa build

Righteous Flame
Searing Lash deals 75% more damage to enemies who are Stunned, Rooted, Silenced or Slowed.
Unwavering Faith
Increase Whitemane's Basic Attack range by 1.1. Whitemane gains 20% increased Basic Attack damage for each active Zeal buff.
Scarlet Wrath
Basic Attacks against Heroes increase the duration of active Zeal by 0.75 seconds.
Scarlet Aegis
Bolster the spirits of nearby allied Heroes, healing them for 250 and granting them 40 Armor for 4 seconds.
Saintly Greatstaff
Hitting an enemy with Searing Lash marks them for 3 seconds. Basic Attacks against a marked target deal an additional 55 damage and consume the mark.
Harsh Discipline
Hitting a Hero with Searing Lash while they are being targeted by Inquisition Roots them for 1.5 seconds.
Guiding Light
Activate to cast a permanent Zeal on an allied Hero that costs no Mana and doesn't grant Desperation. Only one can be active at a time and has global cast range.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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