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Created July 27, 2020

Offlane Stitches

great sustain, hard to bully off a point, decent enough waveclear to clear and leave when under (ranged) pressure

can either be played to deep flank with bile or offer hook gorge threat from out of vision, heavily depending on map, what macro your team covers, what pressure enemy team has, what saving mechanics could deal with a gorge, what peeling tools could deal with a bile flank etcetc

[T2321123,Stitches] deep flanking with bile and biting carries,

fishing hook after the engage (and on rotations) possibly meat hook as option for extra sustain to surving focus fire on you during flank

[T2112114,Stitches] hook gorge 1 shot threat, generally meatshielding instead of flanking, bad dueling

tenderizer and blight on 7 both suplement your own hook follow up, blight is better for teamfighting / confirming the kill after hook when team suplies slows already and it gives you a bit of extra sustain

[T2322114,Stitches] probably more rounded approach, AA sustain talents for early game with lategame gorge threat

vision control is your best friend, look at which direction enemies walk when leaving a lane, mounted vs unmounted, predict path for hook on rotation

rait stacks up in duration per AA, 3s up to 10s

aa splashes trait to all minions if attacking mage in a "normally" stacked wave

slam inner area % and minion % stack addititively, aka group as many in the center as possible

knockbacks cancel hook, regardless of its current status

can hook giants into tower range for camp clear

E deals massive pve dmg, works on minions, mercs, summons, monsters, vehicles, map items,..
Patchwork Creation
Increase regeneration effects and all healing received by 15%. Whenever a nearby enemy Minion dies, restore 30 Health. Takedowns restore 300 Health.
Chop Chop
Hitting an enemy Hero with Slam grants 25% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Double the Attack Speed bonus and duration if they are hit by the inner impact area of Slam.
trading talent, combo with cannibalize for sustain madness
Hitting Heroes with Basic Attacks or the inner impact area of Slam heals Stitches for 2% of his maximum Health.
Cannibalize gives you insane sustain on point control fights
if youre more playing waveclear and leave, blight offers 20% heal prevention, directly contributes to killing your hook target, also gives some additional AoE sustain (especially while bile'ing through everyone) blight range is bit bigger than W center line or roughly half hook range, but fully aoe around you
Consume an enemy Hero, trapping them for 4 seconds. When Gorge ends, the enemy Hero takes 274 damage. The trapped Hero cannot move or act and doesn't take damage from other sources.
Fishing Hook
Hook has an additional 40% range.
W 13 synergizes with E 16/20, massive slow to get into E range on carries
Slam afflicts enemies with Vile Gas, and Heroes hit by Slam have their Armor reduced by 10 for 4 seconds.
E 16/20 gains value from deep flanking with bile as offlane
W 16 synergizes with fishing hook 13 as armor reduce makes fast kills after a long range hook more likely, also synergy with Blight on 7, giving you better AoE sustain
Shambling Horror
Activate to gain 50 Armor for 4 seconds. Passive: Stitches cannot have his Movement Speed reduced below 100%.
surviving a flank with high hp whie drawing focus fire on you is pretty goodm biling through the enemy to regroup with your team and being slowed below 100% while youre slowing everyone around by 35% is fun
Second Helping synergizes with E 16 and W 13
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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