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Created August 14, 2018

Solo Lane Thrall made easy

Will have a "4 Mistakes you might be making on Thrall" video coming out next week. Just prepping the build here on Heroes Hearth. 

Play your power spikes. Thrall wins when completes echo (with manatide) because he can spam q and poke down enemy laners with low sustain (greymane, Fenix, Zag). Thrall wins against the ones that outtrade him at level 7 with ancestral because of large healing he does. 

Echo of the Elements
Quest: Kill Minions of Heroes within 1.5 seconds of hitting them with Chain Lightning. Reward: After killing 10 enemies, reduce the Mana cost of Chain Lightning from 40 to 25. Reward: After killing 20 enemies, gain a second charge of Chain Lightning.
Use techniques to complete it quickly. Practice getting 4+ stacks per wave by setting up minions with abilities so you can get 2-3 stacks per Q.
Mana Tide
Frostwolf Resilience restores 15 Mana and reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Mana and CDR allows you to outbully most enemies with low sustain.
Ancestral Wrath
Activate to consume 8 stack of Ancestral Wrath, damaging a target enemy Hero for 15% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds, and healing Thrall for 150% of the damage dealth. Gain 1 stack of Ancestral Wrath every time Frostwolf Resilience activates.
A Must pick against a full commit enemy laner like a Greymane or Malthael. But also an easy way to kill a Garrosh when he start building a ton of armor on low health.
After 0.5 seconds, sunder the earth in a long line, dealing 290 damage and shoving enemies to the side, Stunning them for 1 second.
Situational. Pick Sunder if you need it to setup kills from slippery backliners or if you need a stun, or if the enemies have a lot of dashes that would make earthquake useless. Or for the burst. In every other scenario pick earthquake.
Grace Of Air
Windfury attacks grant twice as many stacks of Frostwolf Resilience.
Get grace if you got sundering. Don't forget it triggers on non heroes, so if the enemies are not nearby, feel free to use it to get health back. If you're going earthquake or Crash Lightning grab frostwolf grace.
Chain Lightning Slows targets by 8% for 2 seconds. Quest: Targeting a Hero directly with Chain Lightning increases this Slow by 8%, up to an additional 40%. Reward: While at a 40% bonus, Chain Lightning's damage is increased by 25%. Bonuses are reset if Chain Lightning is used on the same Hero it was last used on, or if Thrall dies.
Easiest Slow of your life. Stupid strong in team fights. Only time I don't pick it is against chogall.
Wind Rush
Activate to immediately teleport to a target location and gain Windfury.
Wind rush synergizes so well with grace of air and sundering. If you went earthquake ALWAYS upgrade it, thats like 3 nexus shields for your team.
New Season - 7/10/18
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