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Created January 5, 2020

The Consistent Raynor Build

Ace In The Hole
Deal 15% more damage to Stunned or Slowed enemy Heroes.
Ace in the Hole vast majority of the time, if not every time. Remember that Penetrating Round (Q) slows enemies!

Exterminator for Juice Pirates (the other two don't help much in killing core). Can be used for race on Battlefield of Eternity but even then I often prefer having better teamfight.
Fight or Flight
Reduce Adrenaline Rush's cooldown by 10 seconds. Casting Adrenaline Rush grants 25 Armor for 3 seconds,
Fight or Flight is simply the best on the tier. You need to be able to survive burst, and it outperforms Behemoth Armor in this regard.
Unstable Compound
Increase the area of Give 'Em Some Pepper by 15%, and enemies hit by it are Slowed by 10% for 2.5 seconds.
Unstable Compound: CDR is great + offers heavy synergy with your entire build/kit. This is still the way to go after the recent changes :)
Order the Hyperion to make a strafing run for 12 seconds, hitting up to 4 enemies for 66 damage every second. Every 4 seconds, it can fire its Yamato Cannon at a Structure, dealing 794 damage.
Remember that Ace in the Hole (1) gives a flat +15% to ALL damage you deal, including your Heroic abilities!

Hyperion does a TON of siege damage and is generally much easier to use than Raider.

Raynor's Raider requires much more micro-managing, but can provide a lot of focused DPS and assist in vision control.
Gain 10% Movement Speed while mounted and unmounted. Inspire grants 8% more Movement Speed.
Giddy-Up: Movement Speed is very helpful on an otherwise-immobile hero. The rotation speed is a nice plus, but Giddy-Up does a ton to help you move through fights safely and efficiently.
Paint Them Red
Increase the damage of Penetrating Round by 50% and heal for 90% of the damage it deals to Heroes.
Paint Them Red is burst dmg and self-heal. Helps you burst kill and save yourself from being burst killed. Offers more healing than Give Me More (especially if you hit multiple targets!) and more burst than Bounty Hunter.
Indomitable Resolve
Acquire Weak Spot lowers the cooldown of Hyperion by 5 seconds if the primary target is a Hero. Inspire grants Raynor Unstoppable for 2 seconds.
Indomitable Resolve makes you significantly harder to kill + allows much more free-casting of Hyperion, with the possibility of a second cast in long fights/sieges.

I'd go Execute if I had chosen Hyperion at 10 but did not feel the need for Indomitable Resolve at 20.

Dusk Wing is an insane amount of +dmg + makes Raider a better ward + beefs up your Raider to the point of being significantly more difficult to kill.

Weak Spot Acquired helps burst targets down with your team. Very important that you go into fights holding a charged AA to get full value out of this! Also, consider passing up if you already have significant sources of armor reduction on your team, since they won't stack!
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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