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Created January 14, 2020

Big Baller Valla (Caltrops-Death Dealer)





If you're looking for safe, reliable results that don't depend on being an outplay god, you might want to look somewhere else, such as this writeup by NotParadox. But if you think you can outplay these kids for DAYS, you've come to the right place!

This build has strengths over the Q-Burst and aforementioned Hypercarry builds in its extreme mobility and possibility for chaining reset kills through Death Dealer (7).
Drop 3 Caltrops while Vaulting. Caltrops do 60 damage and slow enemies by 40% for 1 second. Quest: Spend 160 seconds at 10 stacks of Hatred. Reward: Vault cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. Upon completing the quest, Vault’s Mana cost is reduced from 50 to 25.
Caltrops is the backbone of this build. Lower CD for more attempts at Death Dealer, more mobility, more dodges, more aggression, self-peel with the 40% slow, etcetera.
Each stack of Hatred increases the damage of Multishot by 4%.
I occasionally go Creed of the Hunter to have fun in fiesta games but it takes too long to actually scale, and has very little effect until fully completed.

Punishment is big +burst, makes it easy to delete people with a synchronized Death Dealer + Multishot combo at high stacks of Hatred.
Death Dealer
Increases Vault Basic Attack damage bonus from 6% to 14% per stack of Hatred. If this attack kills its victim, the Mana cost and cooldown of Vault are refunded.
Death Dealer: Use this to DELETE targets at low health + get a free Vault after, which you can often use to chain reset kills until the enemy team is wiped out. Note that this works on any target, including minions, structures, or even a pufferfish! Abuse this for in-fight mobility!
Rain of Vengeance
Launch a wave of Shadow Beasts that deals 250 damage (+4% per level) and stuns enemies in the target area for 0.5 seconds. Stores 2 charges.
This is a very aggressive, in-your-face build that wants to AA as much as possible. Thus, Rain synergizes more with what you're trying to do. It's not unheard of to get 10 stacks of Hatred, dive in, R->W->AA (with a Vault woven into the combo as necessary), get the reset, and roll right back out. This adds to your burst, aggression, and self-peel in a huge way.
Tempered by Discipline
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, your Basic Attacks heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.
Given that this build makes such good use of auto-attack damage, Tempered by Discipline should come as no surprise. However, Gloom is still a great choice into burst damage! Pick whatever will help you stay alive that game, of course.
Seething Hatred
While at 10 stacks of Hatred, gain 15% Spell Power. Basic Attacks now grant 2 stacks of Hatred.
This entire build is about getting to high Hatred and staying there. Heavy synergy with your 4, 7, and 13 talent tiers, and the spell-power is once again HUGE for bursting targets down. At this point, you do your 5 AAs and now have a +55% Multishot, +15% Hungering Arrrow, +15% on both Rain of Vengeance casts, and a +140% AA. With all this available, you should be able to delete virtually anyone that drops below half health. All that's left is to grab your 20, which will help whittle targets into burst range in the first place, as well as collect those Death Dealer kills.
Farflight Quiver
Increases your Basic Attack range by 40%.
Farflight Quiver synergizes with this entire build. Easier Hatred stacking, more range for Death Dealer, more safety (AND more aggression!), easier whittling of enemies to get them into burst combo range, etc. Take this every single time and never look back.

"But Mochrie," you may be thinking, "think of the DPS! Rancor gives so much more attack speed!". And you would be correct. Rancor DOES give you more attack speed: so much that optimal use is nearly impossible. 2.505 attacks per second, even if stutter stepped perfectly (even good mechanical players will mess this up!), will greatly limit your mobility in fights. I only ever pick Rancor to win last-second DPS races!
Balance Patch - 11/12/19
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