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Created November 2, 2019

True Dad

Falstad is a hybrid damage dealer who provides pretty good damage in the mid-late stages of the game, but shines in his utility. Use his global how you would use any global, and use gust into walls to get crazy stuns and set-ups or just use it as a disengage whenever the fight is unfavorable / you need area control.

Don't barrel roll in
Lower the cooldown of Lightning Rod by 3 seconds. Enemy Minions killed near you grant a stack of Bribe. Use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them and permanently increasing the damage of Lightning Rod by 5%. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum of 80 stacks.
Don't be afraid to use this on your own camps! The main point of wingman is the damage bonus, stealing camps is great but getting yours out instantly works too, as long as you're buying your team time and getting yourself stacked.
Hammer Gains
Basic Attacks heal for 20% of the damage dealt to the primary target.
Self-sustain for a squishy bird
Reactivate Hammerang mid-flight to deal 165 damage around the Hammer.
Essential waveclear
Mighty Gust
Push enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 seconds.
Flow Rider
While Tailwind is active, your Basic Abilities recharge 100% faster.
This is where you get a lot more teamfight. Auto attack where you can, but focus on keeping this up, you Qs and Ws do a lot more than auto attacks.
Aerie Gusts
Reduces the activation time for Tailwind from 6 to 3 seconds, and increase the Movement Speed bonus from 15% to 25%.
More mobility, allows more aggression while keeping 13 up
Wind Tunnel
Mighty Gust creates a wind tunnel for 4 seconds. Enemies caught in the tunnel will periodically be pushed back.
Default to Wind Tunnel, Epic Mount can allow for insane macro play.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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