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Created November 2, 2019


Greymane is one of the highest sustained DPS in the game, and also gives insane siege potential. He can function well at range and he can dive into a teamfight. His main weakness is his lack of self-sustain, which must be played around carefully. Generally look to spend most of your time in human form, and then dive in after / with your ultimate to finish enemy heroes.
Increases Inner Beast's duration to 4 seconds, and causes Ability damage to also refresh its duration.
Visciousness allows you to keep Inner Beast up a lot longer, which allows you to use it more liberally and worry about keeping it up less in teamfights. If you are considering Elixir at 7 (reasoning explained there), consider Perfect Aim.
Thick Skin
Using Darkflight reduces the damage of the next 2 Heroic Basic Attacks made against you by 50% while a Worgen.
These are the main ways Greymane gets survivability. I default into Thick Skin, but Eyes in the Dark works well if the enemy team has quick AA or no AA threats. I personally rarely have mana issues with Greymane, so I rarely go Insatiable, though you can if you are.
Quicksilver Bullets
Increases Human Basic Attack range by 20%.
Quicksilver Bullets lets you auto attack a lot more safely in human form. while Incendiary Elixir gives you strong burst-poke if the enemy team has strong sustained healing. Wizened Duelist gives you a high-risk high-reward way to greatly increase your damage, consider it only if you are very comfortable auto attacking the enemies and don't foresee that changing.
Cursed Bullet
Greymane shapeshifts into a Human and fires a bullet that hits the first enemy Hero in its path, dealing 40% of their current Health in damage. Does not affect Vehicles.
Cursed Bullet gives a strong burst option, especially against bulky enemies, and is a good way to start a fight. On the opposite end is Go for the Throat, which lets you do great burst finisher damage, specifically to squishies, and also allows you to more fluidly and quickly engage after disengaging (as you don't need to wait 4 seconds after disengaging to use it). Both are solid, pick whatever you feel suits the game.
On the Prowl
Inner Beast increases your Movement Speed by 30% once it has been active for 3 seconds.
On the Prowl is my default, as it gives you insane mobility during fights and makes you impossible to escape. Running Wild is also a great option if you want to be able to force / escape a fight more easily.
Eager Wolf
Increases the Attack Speed bonus of Inner Beast by an additional 40% after it has been active for 4 seconds.
Eager Wolf is another huge increase to your DPS, and is my default. If you don't think you can get away with constantly auto attacking and instead are looking to burst CC'd targets, Executioner CAN work. Similarly, Alpha Killer CAN be strong against high hit point teams, though Cursed Bullet is normally more than enough.
Hunter's Blunderbuss
Human Basic Attacks splash for 100% damage behind the target.
Both AA upgrades are strong, but Hunter's Blunderbuss is taken 9 times out of 10 due to the fact that much more time is spent in human form, normally.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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