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Created November 2, 2019

he who spinneth

Your job is be a global who is obnoxious and soaks while your team stalls. You come into the backline safely during a teamfight or use lick from a bush to disrupt and take out squishies, while being extremely hard to kill.
Tissue Regeneration
Regeneration Globes grant 10 Essence. Repeatable Quest: Every 50 Essence collected permanently increases Health Regeneration by 4, up to 40, and maximum Essence by 1, up to 10.
If you absolutely need to double soak and lanes are far, you can go into Enhanced Agility
Hero Stalker
Increases Essence gained from Takedowns by 100%. Hitting enemy Heroes with Dark Swarm grants 1 Essence.
If you find yourself double soaking a lot and not getting enough essence you can go One-Who-Collects
Feeding Frenzy
Basic Attacks reduce Drag's cooldown by 2 seconds.
If enemy team clumps a LOT and has low ability to punish you for sitting in the middle, you can go Symbiosis
Launch biomass that hits the first enemy Hero dealing 200 damage, silencing and slowing them 30% for 3 seconds. Only allows them to see a very short distance for 6 seconds.
Primal Swarm
Dark Swarm causes enemies hit to take 10% extra damage for 0.75 seconds.
Elongated Tongue
Increase Drag range by 20%.
Isolation hits all Heroes near the first target.
Can take Apex Predator if you're looking for more macro presence than teamfight presence.
Balance Patch - 08/28/19
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