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Created July 2, 2018

Standard Hanzo Hybrid W/Q/W Build

Simple Geometry
Quest: Hit a Hero with multiple arrows from the same Scatter Arrow cast 20 times. Each arrow hit after the second grants additional progress. Reward: Upon hitting terrain for the first time, Scatter Arrow creates 2 additional arrows.
Explosive Arrows
Upon hitting a Minion or Monster, Storm Bow deals 60% of its damage to enemies around its target.
Explosive Arrows is the pick because W at 1 and 7 allow you to have massive teamfight threat, while also being able to wave clear, and with pierce at 16, both Q and W are extremely deadly.
Never Outmatched
Reduce Scatter Arrow's Mana cost from 50 to 30. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes lower the cooldown of Scatter Arrow by 3 seconds.
Dragon's Arrow
Fire a missile that travels across the battleground. Explodes upon hitting an enemy Hero, dealing 130 damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds. After traveling a medium distance, the damage is increased to 260 and the Stun duration to 1.25 seconds. After traveling a long distance, the damage is increased to 390 and the Stun duration to 2 seconds.
Ninja Assassin
Hitting Heroes with Storm Bow lowers Natural Agility's cooldown by 10 seconds. Additionally, Hero Takedowns reset Natural Agility's cooldown.
13 Talents are purely preference, although I recommend either Ninja Assassin or Mounted Archery depending on what you're comfortable with.
Piercing Arrows
Storm Bow and Scatter Arrow pierce, hitting an additional enemy. Additionally, Scatter Arrow can pierce through 1 enemy each time it ricochets.
Play of the Game
While in flight or for up to 2 seconds after impacting a target, Dragon's Arrow can be reactivated to teleport its location and jump backwards. If used after impact, Hanzo shoots arrows that deal 132 damage to each target hit by the impact. Hanzo is Unstoppable during Play of the Game.
Level 20 is situational with either Play of the Game or Perfect Agility being the two most likely picks here. Consider taking Perfect Agility when you need extra mobility to survive, but if not, then take Play of the Game.
PTR Update - 7/2/18
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