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Created November 23, 2018

Khroen's Orphea Standard Build

Orphea is a mage like none other in Heroes of the Storm. She has high mobility, as well as solid poke, decent sustain damage, and very high burst damage/wombo potential.

Pre 10 try to open with your E, and then Q to dash forward into W range, and finish with an auto, (However if you land the initial E and the E explosion, you might want to consider Autoing after the Q, once you hit three stacks of Chaos IF you can still hit your W after the auto. If not, then W first.

Post 10, The combo should look like E, R Q - dash forward, W and auto. 
Ancestral Strength
Non-Heroic Abilities deal 15% more damage to Stunned, Rooted, Silenced or Slowed enemies. Enemy Heroes who are hit with Overflowing Chaos are Slowed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.
The bonus damage Ancestral Strength provides synergizes very well with the rest of her hit once you land the E slow.
Dread's Slow also applies to enemies in Dread's path.
Mind Devourer
Quest: Hitting Heroes with Dread increases its damage by 5, up to 150. Reward: After hitting 30 Heroes, hitting an enemy Hero with Dread's eruption sets its cooldown to 6 seconds and refunds 50 Mana.
Crushing Jaws
After 1.25 seconds, pull enemies in an area towards the center, dealing 250 damage and Stunning them for 0.5 seconds.
While Eternal Feast might seem appealing in certain situations, what you lose from not having Crushing Jaws just isn't worth it. Crushing Jaws allows you to both follow up with allies, and create plays all on your own, even potentially one shotting enemies.
Invasive Miasma
Activate to deal 150 damage to all nearby enemies after 2 seconds. For each Hero hit, heal for 182 and gain 1 Chaos.
Dead Magic
Basic Attacks that consume Chaos ignore Armor and deal 90 Spell Damage to the target and all enemies around them.
Engulfing Oblivion
Crushing Jaws reduces the Armor of Heroes hit by 50 for 3 seconds. Takedowns set its cooldown to 5 seconds.
I think Level 20 is the only real situational talent, depending if you want to go all in for big wombo/burst/one shot potential, or more sustained damage with Eldritch Conduit. I personally prefer Engulfing because not only can you use your combo post 20 and almost guaranteed get a kill, even on tankier targets, but you also get the cooldown reduced to do it again almost immediately after.
Balance Patch - 11/13/18
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