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Created June 18, 2018

Standard Tracer Build

You can go ricochet sometimes, preferably I only go it if I get a tass or sometimes maybe malf, but the W feels better especially with level 20. You can go sleight of hand if you are not confident in your locked and loaded consistency, but locked and loaded is more damage overall output and is good mechanical practices :) 
Pulse Strike
Increases Melee's Pulse Bomb charge from 10% to 20% against Heroes.
Parting Gift
Recall leaves behind 3 bombs that deal 250 (+4% per level) damage each to different targets.
Bullet Time
Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Blink by 0.15 seconds.
Quantum Spike
Pulse Bomb deals an additional 7% of the primary target's maximum Health.
Bullet Spray
Increases Melee's radius by 50%, and causes it to damage all enemies in range.
Locked and Loaded
Reactivate Reload within the last 50% of its cast time to increase your Basic Attack damage by 40% for that magazine.
Get Stuffed!
Reduces Melee's cooldown by 3 seconds. Hitting an enemy with Melee who is stuck with a Pulse Bomb causes the bomb to instantly explode and knocks the target away from you.
Balance Patch - 5/22/18
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