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Created September 2, 2017

W Xul

While Bone Armor is active, you slow nearby enemies by 35% for 1 second. Basic Attacking a Hero that is slowed, rooted, or stunned reduces the cooldown of Bone Armor by 2 seconds.
Grim Scythe
Every time Cursed Strikes damages enemies, reduce its cooldown by .75 seconds, up to 12 seconds. Increase Xul’s Basic Attack damage by 15%.
Harvest Vitality
Cursed Strikes heals Xul for 60% of the damage it deals to Heroes.
Skeletal Mages
Summon 4 Frost Mages in a line that attack nearby enemies for 47 damage and slow them by 30% for 2 seconds. Lasts up to 15 seconds
Rapid Harvest
When Xul damages an enemy with Cursed Strikes, he gains 5% Attack Speed for 3 seconds, up to 75%.
Bone Spear
Deal 230 damage to enemies in a line.
Cold Hand of Death
Skeletal Warriors become Frost Skeletons. Every 5th Spectral Scythe that hits enemy Heroes spawns a Frost Mage instead of a Skeletal Warrior at their location.
Balance Patch - 8/8/17
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Pls delete this build. Too many monkaS picking on Xul. Ty.