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Created March 18, 2017

Sweeping Strike Build (powered by TimelessX)

Battered Assault
IIncrease Sweeping Strike's Basic Attack damage bonus duration from 3 to 5 seconds. If Sweeping Strike hits 2 Heroes its damage bonus is increased from 35% to 125%.
Sweeping Strike can go over walls and terrain. Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes with Sweeping Strike, gain a second charge.
Thirsting Blade
Betrayer's Thirt's healing from Basic Attacks is increased from 30% to 50% while Sweeping Strike's damage bonus is active.
Transform into Demon Form at the target location, dealing 46 damage in the area. Temporarily increases maximum Health by 220 for each Hero hit by the initial impact. Lasts for 18 seconds.
Nimble Defender
If Sweeping Strikes hits an enemy Hero, gain 25 Armor for 2 seconds, reducing damage taken by 25%.
Nimble Defender vs balanced dmg teamcomps.
Elusive Strike vs mostly AA based teamcomps.
Sixth Sense vs single target bursts.
Blades of Azzinoth
Hitting 5 Heroes with Sweeping Strike allows Blades of Azzinoth to be activated, increasing Basic Attack damage by 75% for 8 seconds.
Demonic Form
Permanently remain in Demonic Form. Metamorphosis also increases Attack Speed by 20% and reduces the duration of Stuns, Roots and Slows by 50%. Illidan can now mount in Demonic Form.
Balance Patch - 3/14/17
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I love this build its OP in the right hands
btw I'm a huge fan