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Created January 24, 2019

Body Bang Central

It's all about the angles. The ultimate combo here is: Pop Apoc, Charge enemy into wall, flip them, Charge them into another wall. If your devastating charge quest is complete post 13, this combo is a guaranteed kill on most heroes aside from warriors. What a way to engage!? By killing a hero that was never able to press any of their buttons. Lightning Breath can also be taken to follow up on your combo if the enemy team has a cleanse or if they have heroes with the mobility to escape your combos.
Devil's Due
Black Soulstone increases the effects of Regen Globes and Healing Fountains by 2.25% per Soul.
Combos with your lvl 4 to provide great sustain.
Souls to the Flame
Fire Stomp grants 1 Soul every 3 times it damages an enemy Hero, and heals for an additional 1.3% of its damage dealt per Soul.
Combos with lvl 1 so Diablo can heal up outside of the fight away from the enemy. Also really helps stack your souls.
Basic Abilities cause Diablo's next Basic Attack within 6 seconds to deal an additional 100 Spell Damage. Stores up to 2 charges.
Helps your combo damage.
Create a demonic rune under each enemy Hero on the battleground. After 1.75 seconds, the rune explodes dealing 137 damage and stunning them for 1.75 seconds.
Devastating Charge
Increase Shadow Charge's terrain collision damage by 50%. Quest: Hit an enemy Hero against terrain 5 times. Reward: Hitting enemy Heroes against terrain reduces their Armor by 15 for 4 seconds.
Casting Overpower resets the cooldown of Shadow Charge.
Teleport and place a demonic rune at target location. After 1.75 seconds, the rune explodes dealing 137 damage and stunning enemies for 1.75 seconds.
Start with this to begin your combo at the perfect angle.
Balance Patch - 01/03/19
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