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Created February 12, 2021

Main Heal lili

Hate me for it, i like Mistweaver
Wind Serpent
Cloud Serpent grants its bearer 10% increased Movement Speed. Casting Blinding Wind increases this bonus to 20% for 2 seconds. Passive: Cloud Serpent attacks 25% faster.
Surging Winds
If Blinding Wind hits 2 Heroes, its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds and Li Li gains 10% Spell Power for 10 seconds.
Let's Go!
Activate to heal allied Hero for 160 and make them Unstoppable for 1 second. Let's Go's cooldown is affected by Fast Feet. Cannot be used on Li Li.
Jug of 1,000 Cups
Channel for up to 6 seconds. Every 0.25 seconds, increase the cooldown of Jug of 1,000 Cups by 2 seconds, up to 50 additional seconds, and heal the lowest Health nearby allied Hero for 66 Health.
Mass Vortex
Increase the number of enemies hit by Blinding Wind from 2 to 3. Blinding Wind deals 75% additional damage if all 3 enemies hit are Heroes.
Blessings of Yu'lon
Cloud Serpent grants its bearer 10% increased healing received and heals them for an additional 0.5% of their maximum Health each time it attacks.
Activate to heal nearby allied Heroes for 149. Basic Attacks and Cloud Serpent attacks reduce the cooldown of Mistweaver by 1 second.
Balance Patch - 11/4/2020
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