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Created February 2, 2017

Standard Tassadar

Templar’s Will
Quest: Attacking enemy Heroes restores 8 Mana per second Quest Reward: After slowing Heroes for 30 seconds, increase your Distortion Beam damage by 125%. Quest Reward: After slowing Heroes for 60 seconds, increase your Basic Attack range by an additional 20%
Khala’s Celerity
Plasma Shield grants 20% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
Psionic Projection
Increases the range of your Plasma Shield and Psionic Storm abilities by 40%.
Tassadar transforms into an Archon and gains a Plasma Shield. His Basic Attacks deal 158 damage, slow the target by 30% for 1 second and splash for 79 damage to enemies within 2.5 range. Lasts for 10 seconds. Passive: Archon refreshes the cooldown of Dimensional Shift.
Adun's Wisdom
While Oracle is active, your Basic Abilities cooldown 75% faster.
Focused Beam
While Oracle is active, your Basic Attacks deal an additional 1.5% of an enemy Heroes maximum Health.
Twilight Archon
Basic Attacks while in Archon form increase Archon’s duration by 2 seconds.
Balance Update - 1/27/17
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