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Created January 21, 2017

Standard Muradin

Standard Muradin build!
Third Wind
Increases Health Restoration rate to 90 per second, and raises Health threshold to 60% Health for improved 180 per second Restoration.
Thunder Burn
Hitting an enemy Hero with Thunder Clap triggers a second explosion 2 seconds later in the same location that deals 75% damage.
Iron-forged Momentum
Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.75 seconds.
Transform for 20 seconds, gaining 1000 Health.
Healing Static
Muradin heals for 5% of his Maximum Health for each Hero hit by Thunder Clap.
Heavy Impact
Enemies hit by Dwarf Toss are Slowed by 80% for 1.5 seconds.
Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.
Balance Update - 12/14/16
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hi bakery, I have a doubt, why in level 4 you don't take reverberation ?
GOTHAMDEMON it's because he wants the added CC slow duration. Makes it easier for Muradin to body when it goes off a second time, and stacks a second AoE damage source for wave clear.
lvl 10 Avatar auto attacks dont stun, and Heavy Impact lvl 16 stun for 0.5s instead of 0.75 s
Typo or new patch?