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Created January 21, 2017

Standard Kerrigan

Standard Kerrigan build!
Siphoning Impact
If the targeted enemy dies within 1.5 seconds, Kerrigan heals for 10.15% of her maximum Health.
Clean Kill
If Ravage kills the target, it restores 75% of its Mana cost and increases the damage of your next Ravage by 25%.
Bladed Momentum
Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.6 seconds.
Deals 82 damage per second to nearby enemies. Lasts for 7 seconds.
Increases Ravage's range by 40%.
Essence for Essence
Activate to deal 10% of target enemy Hero's Max Health and gain Assimilation Shields for twice that amount.
Psionic Shift
Activate to teleport a short distance and deal 50 damage to enemies in the area. Enemy Heroes hit give Kerrigan 300% of the damage dealt as Assimilation Shields.
Balance Update - 12/14/16
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I'm really passionate about Kerrigan and was glad to see this as your standard build. If you don't mind, I would like to post here WHY I think it is the best general build for experienced Kerri's, but it may not be most beginners' fav build or even for every player after a few games with Kerrigan. Let me know, anyone, if you disagree.

I main Kerri and I swear by q build. It gives you mobility and sustain that few assassins have, which allows you to make huge plays. However, she gets bursted easily without support and follow up dmg. Q build Kerri requires a different playstyle than any other melee. Being a combo assassin like Alarak without a self-cleanse makes her much more vulnerable to cc and burst (also no escape/reliable peel unlike Alarak). As a hero with ok dmg, but better lockdown/engage/burst, your job is to threaten and secure kills, not to stay in the fight forever. Imagine a threat bubble around your hero; manipulating this space and using it to zone/scare enemies separates good kerris from the badasses that win or avoid fights/ganks without ever throwing out a combo. At 16 you get a huge power spike with essence for essence which allows you to one shot front line and stay in fights longer, but in my opinion the best way to play Kerri is using ravage to jump around unexpected and waiting for the right moment to all in.

What is amazing about this Kerrigan build is that every level is a HUGE powerspike and even more so when ahead of the opponent. While Kerri falls off late game and especially while behind, the tools you get with this build allow for tons of playmaking outside of carrying with raw damage numbers. Kerri always will live or die by her combo and also with this build, your Q cd/heal, but your level 7 talent makes everything more forgiving.

What bladed momentum at 7 does for you is: more combos (more dmg), more chasing with Q, and most importantly, a less predictable combo cooldown. This allows you to surprise enemies mid fight, force combo dodges, chase better... Then, with eviscerate at 13 you have almost as much mobility in a minion wave as a Genji. Eviscerate generally is a must for me because of how great the range is for chasing, securing kills, or escaping. While ganks are less frequent after 10 since laning phase is over, it makes your surprises on split pushers or even separated enemies in fights that much more scary, because you can fly to a minion from offscreen/behind your tank/past their tank (latter two much more risky, but high reward with coordination from your tank/supp) and then instantly close the gap with a reset.

At 16 in standard games you get Essence for Essence because you can now threaten beefier frontline with max hp dmg, AND you instantly can get a huge amount of shields for free instead of building them up on shrine minions or something. The extra dmg also makes the difference on key backline targets. Aggressive defense can be better if the enemy team is squishy and you can keep fighting, but generally it's underwhelming without 7 assimilation mastery. Overdrive is greedy fun.

Finally at 20, always always bolt (now psionic shift) unless you go core with 4+ dead, in which case nexus blades. The playmaking and escapes are too important. Aggressive bolts are rewarded when you hit multiple people but it is not necessary if you just combo well instantly. Ult upgrades are situational, I will talk about them below in my ult discussion.

What Q build doesn't do: you don't go full Q build just for shrine clear, you do it because it gives you more mobility and sustain on the shrine than all-in build. Other builds have less micro heavy waveclear, but they have the same effect without the benefits of Q talents. In lane, 1 W plus Q on backline makes for semi efficient waveclear. E on a wave can work too if you want to hold stun for retreating for some reason since CD is lower but you must auto more before Qing minions. Also: you are not tanky, you are not a bruiser like Thrall or Sonya or even Malthael/Illidan. You get in and get out, or die trying/trading. You wait for the right moment to strike, opportunistic and decisive. No Kerri build will make you a bruiser, some will make you have more shields if you aren't cc'd, but you still live and die by your combo and how you ravage.

Ultimately Kerrigan is still Kerrigan no matter how you build her, she sets up kills and needs followup and support from her team. She is nonmeta and takes a ton of practice to be competent let alone good. It comes down to playstyle preference and every build has strengths and weaknesses which is why, even though I build Q 90% of games, I love her talent tree.

Notes on Maelstrom (and Ultra): Maelstrom is standard bc of how easy ultra is to kill, and it is simpler to use and gets value right where kerrigan needs it usually, around her melee range. But vs mages, especially li ming, Ultralisk is superior to help frontline/zone. It does more single target dmg too. However, the purpose of both ults is to help to set up for a combo by forcing the target to run from kerrigan predictably (not really used for dmg except for aoe purposes/shields). Think about this when you use your ults; they don't make you tanky instantly as they work off your trait, but they do make people run if they aren't a tank with cooldowns. Both ults will be better when surrounded my enemies, especially creeps as it works off the aoe dmg.

I hope all this helps the reader understand Kerrigan more and why Bakery chose this build as his standard kerri build (if my conclusions are accurate). Hopefully you will come to love Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades as much as I do. (Might hijack this comment for my own build page later but until then this is the best place I could put it).
Shit I forgot the ult upgrade notes. If enemy team is 4+ melee omegastorm can get value but bolt generally better in all scenarios; certain maps like Shrines allows for more shields built off minions. Torassque just fun, but also can be super annoying. Split pushing with it is generally more trouble than it's worth but it makes PvE in general a breeze...