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Created January 21, 2017

Standard Chen

Standard Chen build!
Elusive Brawler
Activate to evade enemy Basic Attacks for 2 seconds. Your Basic Attacks reduce this cooldown by 2 seconds.
Keg Toss
Quest: Everytime Keg Smash hits a Hero, increase its damage by 3, up to 60. Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, increase its range by 125% and gain an additional charge.
Brewmaster's Balance
While at or below 50 Brew, gain 20% Movement Speed. While at or above 50 Brew, regenerate an additional 18 Health per second.
Storm, Earth, Fire
After 1 second, Chen splits into three elemental spirits for 12 seconds, each with 70% of Chen's maximum Health and a unique Ability. The last spirit Ability that is cast is empowered. If all three spirits are killed, Chen will die as well. Storm can grant your spirits a Shield. Earth can leap to an area and Slow enemies. Fire can grant the spirits Attack Speed, damage.
A Touch of Honey
Increase the Slows from Keg Smash by 20% and its duration by 0.5 seconds.
Another Round
Increases the radius of Keg Smash by 50%. After hitting an enemy Hero with Keg Smash, the cooldown of your next Basic Ability will be reduced by 3 seconds.
Elemental Conduit
Increases the spirits' Health to 100% of your maximum Health and empowers their abilities. Storm can grant your spirits Unstoppable. Earth's leap cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. Fire grants Attack Speed as long as it is alive.
Balance Update - 12/14/16
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