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Blizzcon and Love
Hey everyone! I know a bunch have been asking me about how my Blizzcon went and I just want to say that it was one of the best cons I've attended in a long time. The amount of updates involving Heroes of the Storm and also playing the new Hero Orphea on the streaming stage truly was amazing. She is pretty powerful and having Alex Klontzas beside me answering streams questions was also a bonus! Orphea is beautiful, cute, yet super strong. Playing her for the first time got a bit confusing for me as I main Tanks/Bruisers and I play aggressive but surprising she is my play style! She CAN play aggressive and get in there. Her Q can help you engage and escape. Stitches hook got me and I just used my Q to jump away. Her Ult which I call the NOM NOM haha is pretty powerful too. Overall I really enjoyed playing her and I'm looking forward to playing her more. heroes team just want to say thank you for all your hard work and all the recent updates! 

Diablo Mobile was announced and I couldn't be happier. I am a huge Diablo fan and I've played since the very beginning. I tested out the mobile game at Blizzcon and it was very fun to play. It was smooth and looked fabulous. I can't wait to dive into that game as I travel a bunch and would love to play it while travelling.... JUST like Diablo on Switch. <3

Blizzcon was very memorable for me this year. I met so many from my community and cried way too much over the kind words. Cried even seeing friends! (typical Yuna). Sometimes I feel I am not doing enough but from what I heard over the past weekend I feel I've finally opened my eyes to realizations. I love my community, I love the Heroes community and I am getting to know other gaming communities and expanding. I had a talk with Kyle Dates at the Blizzcon mixer and he made me realize that I need to NOT be so shy. I know I can get way more involved in events but with my anxiety and shyness I just back away and don't bother. "Yuna you are crushing it" he said. We were talking about him being on stage the next day and how we all can get nervous and its NORMAL. Thanks for the inspirations dude. Bethany thank you for all your hard work too. You are an amazing soul and we all love you! Thanks for all you do for all of us!

I can keep on going and going in this blog. I experienced many good things and met so many badass people. I felt so happy. I feel really motivated now and I cant wait for all the future surprises that I will be adding into my streams. So many ideas!  I hope everyone had a great Blizzcon because to me every Blizzcon is a blessing and to be there with so many people sharing the same type of passion is glorious. 

Shoutout to CoffeeClubTV. You are one of my best friends and I am proud of all your hard work. Looking forward to working more together dude! I'm excited for the future! We need more dance offs! :P

HeroesHearth fam. You are all hard workers and passionate people. It was great meeting some of you for the first time and others who I've known for years (Ian and Sam) I love you both and I am so happy to be a part of a loving community.  Sam thanks for the conversation. I know we were interrupted every 2 minutes with photos and hugs and hello's.. but its always a pleasure talking to you. <3

SO MUCH LOVE. I can keep on going but I shall stop. I will continue my hard work and I will be focusing more on my community. I want to always give back. I want to always make people smile. I will always be me and most importantly have fun! Look out for me more on the Twitch Front page soon too! Lots will be going on in the next few months so stay tuned!

Thanks for everything you all do. You make my heart smile everyday Yunafam. <3 

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