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HHE, Heroes Esports, and the Future

When I read the first sentence of Blizzard’s press release last night, I knew that everything was going to need to change.

I first was devastated as a fan. Devastated not only because my favorite game of all-time was losing a profound and vibrant piece of what made it so wonderful, but because it felt like a betrayal of the mountains of time and energy that this community has invested in this universe. Time and energy from the players, coaches, admins, casters, streamers, producers -- freaking everyone -- whose realities have now been completely altered without warning.

None of this is good news. I can’t sit here and tell you that it’s good news.

I spent last night probably like many of you: lying in bed, getting up, pacing around, pretending to think I can sleep and lying down again, then pacing around some more until the sun came up. I read every comment on the feed, Twitter, and Reddit. I read every direct message and email that filled my inboxes. I listened as my HHE family discussed and speculated and looked for something concrete to hold onto.

Amongst the stream of conflicted words and amidst those heated disputes, there was one singular common thread that I was able to trace throughout all of it: we still love this game.

Frustration, anger, sadness -- all of that aside -- I still actually love this game and I still want to play it. I still want to support it and the community of amazing people who feel the same.

And so, I’m going to do something. We are going to do something.

This organization was founded on the belief that if you get cool and awesome people in a room together, cool and awesome things will happen -- that hasn’t changed.

HeroesHearth has become something bigger and more powerful than anything I could have ever imagined. I am surrounded by incredibly gifted and kind people who I believe in without hesitation.

So, here’s the thing. For years now, I have wanted to launch what I’ve been calling HeroesHearth Events. It’s a platform that I started working on long ago to foster a high-level tournament circuit that is fueled by the community -- we are rebooting it now.

Honestly, it will take time for us to put it together, but we’re going to do it and -- as is our way -- we will start modestly and build up. I will continue to update this blog with news and developments as we dig into things, but we will have something actionable to share in the coming weeks.

HeroesHearth is not going anywhere. Between the site, our partners, our streamers, and the community, we will continue to create great Twitch and YouTube content for Heroes of the Storm as long as you are willing to watch, read, and have fun with us.

If you want to be involved, email me at events@heroeshearth.com, at me @workhorseHHE, or message me directly on heroeshearth.com.
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Thank you so much for being the Hero this community needs! Much Love
I love you so much right now. DoritosChip
<3 <3 <3 <3 
I only recently discovered this great place and I am glad to hear it won't be beaten down. This game is great, and HHE is even greater. THNX!
I kind of had a feeling that you would be proposing this, and I'm super excited that it will happen. Can't wait!
Thank you for this. But will the game even survive when the support (balance patches) end?
Some good news at least, i hope it work out!
Thank you.  Your messages and reassurance has honestly been that concrete thing, I, myself have been looking for.  This post is a glimmer of light in darkness right now and we will stand behind you as HHE partners <3
I love you. I LOVE YOU ALL
We love you, thanks from a random fan!
Many DoritosChips
@ Workhorse Not sure if the quick link to comment worked or not, if so reposting, but What do you need to move forward on this project?
The gang just got done with a big call to sort out ideas/feelings/logistics. Honestly, I think we're all really excited to get into this, but we're also all in a grieving/calculating phase. We will continue to work on this all weekend and maybe have something to share and discuss on Monday.
Well with everything that has happened I don't really care about keeping myself on the down low. Workhorse, if there is anything I can do to help, anything, tell me. As you know from the private messages I sent you I really want this game to succeed, and with this happening it needs more help then ever. I may not be able to do much as a high school student, but I will help out any way I can.
If anyone can pull it off, it's the talented folks of HH.  Let's make HHE the new face of competitive HotS.  I love this game still.  It fills a hole that no other game that has come out in the past 3 years has done for me.  I'm with you guys!
I'd help what I could but to be honest I feel like I don't have anything that I could really offer other than $ haha
If the heroes community remains dedicated, if we all remain dedicated, this can work out.
If you need a semi-decent writer, goofball, clown, passionate HHE fan and HoTS Wood League player, do poke me. I'm here to help out, in what ever little way I can. MuchLove Heartlings, MuchLove.
Partner with a revived Arcane8?  Bring on SolidJake?  The network is sitting there.  I hope this happens!