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Limit and HeroesHearth Esports Unite to Conquer Azeroth, Launch WoW Site

When HeroesHearth Esports launched in 2017, our goal was to provide passionate teams with equally passionate support. With the success and growth we have experienced with our HGC team in Heroes of the Storm, we’ve been eager to expand into more Blizzard IPs -- most notably, Warcraft.

Limit has a storied history with 36 U.S. firsts under their belt and World Second G’huun.

In conjunction with Limit, HHE will be launching an Arena team and an MDI team who will each compete under the moniker HeroesHearth Limit. Furthermore, HHE will support the Guild as a whole while they push to take the title of World First.

But there is more. In the near future, we will be expanding HeroesHearth.com to the new and spicy frontier of wow.heroeshearth.com. As we roll out this new silo, Limit will be creating high level content for the new Warcraft platform and its members will be joining our Entertainment division to make you laugh, cry, and click your buttons better.

For now, as we build the new site, follow Limit on Twitter here.

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