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HHE Welcomes CauthonLuck as Head Coach

We are excited to announce a new addition to the HeroesHearth Esports team: CauthonLuck.

Cauthon will be HHE's Head Coach and we couldn't be more excited. Not only is Cauthon one of the game's most decorated players having played on the professional level since the beginning of Heroes competitive play with COGnitive Gaming, Murloc Geniuses, Astral Authority, and -- in the 2017 HGC season -- TempoStorm, but he also brings to HHE a strategic mind that is unmatched and a sense of leadership that is truly inspiring.

He's even been the 3rd Guy:

We're excited for the 2018 HGC Season and we're proud to have Cauthon join as an integral part to our team.

**For more on CauthonLuck, check out Halorin's feature on him here.
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Third Guy riding coach! PogChamp
Hey guys, I will (maybe?) be moving to an analyst position in order to start a career in Finance instead of HoTS. While I have an 8-0 track record as HHE's coach, it was sinking up too much of my time and heart - while not making me happy. I'll continue to stream every now and then! Good luck HHE!
Gotta be happy with a passion. Thanks for helping them get into the HGC. :)