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HHE Invasion Weekend: May 25 & 26 - Powered by Sennheiser

We're excited to announce an official HeroesHearth Stream Invasion Weekend on May 25th and 26th, powered by Sennheiser (click here to learn more about their killer gaming headsets).

Arthelon, BBJ, CauthonLuck, ishb00, Khroen, and McIntyre will be playing Team League in-comms with HHE Streaming Partners Kiyeberries and Yunalescka on Friday and Saturday night. The last time HHE invaded, we saw the early stages of the now-infamous supportless Abathur comp. I wonder what new crazy comps we will get to see over the weekend?

Here are the details:

May 25: Kiyeberries with Arthelon, CauthonLuck, Khroen and McIntyre - 7pm CST
Twitch Stream Link

May 26: Yunalescka with BBJ, ishb00, Khroen and McIntyre - 7pm CST
Twitch Stream Link

There will be prizes and giveaways as well throughout each stream, so be sure to tune in -- it will be awesome!
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