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HeroesHearth Launches GiantSlayerTV
Guys -- GUYS! This is a big day.
It's been a wild 2019 and we're heading into the new year with a whole new endeavor: GiantSlayerTV.
When we started building HeroesHearthTV in 2016, we set out to create a safe space for the fiery passion and fandom of the Heroes of the Storm community and we love supporting the incredible people we've met these last four years as that community grows, changes, and explores.
When HeroesHearthTV joined Wisdom Gaming Group (f/k/a IFA Gaming) in June, we were presented with a safety net and an ambitious goal to build something that could support ALL of the Blizzard community. In turn, we've since began to create content and build tools for the vibrant communities around Warcraft 3, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and soon Overwatch. We will continue to work for years to come to help foster those communities and create entertainment that will remind you of the joy that comes with gaming.
Beyond the realm of Blizzard, however, we've been listening to the Hearthling community and it's been made clear that there is a love and passion for Pokemon that we share, enter PoGo Passport this Fall. The brand is new and will continue to evolve over 2020 -- we have really, really cool plans on the way -- so, if you're a Pokemon fan, stay tuned and be sure to follow as we roll out more fun and festivities (IRL events, too).
But now to the meat and potatoes of this announcement: GiantSlayerTV.
Once Riot released the Teamfight Tactics open Beta, the hearts and minds of the HeroesHearth community were completely captivated. The strategy, the dynamic play, the genre of auto-chess as a whole -- all of this pulled us into the welcoming community swiftly and fully. As a result, we've met a wonderful network of creators, educators, and players that we've been working to support through TFT Fight Nights, educational content, and community streams over the past six months.
Now, we're taking things to a new level.
GiantSlayerTV will be to Riot what HeroesHearth is to Blizzard: a home for fun, a place for passion, and spot for speculation and community.  Expect content, expect shows, and expect more of what we've done already -- but bigger.
We will be ramping up our written and video content to support our growing stream schedule on our new GiantSlayerTV Twitch channel (click the thing, omg). You will see new and familiar faces creating content within all Riot titles (present and future). We will be supporting Collegiate and Regional competitions in both big and small ways. We will be releasing daily content across several unique channels and, eventually, five-nights-a-week of prime time, fully-produced show-runners on a level akin to our familiar Fight Nights.

And lastly, to really take things to eleven, we will be launching the  GiantSlayer League in late Winter to support the burgeoning Pro scene for Teamfight Tactics. If you're a Pro looking to play, join the Discord!
To keep up with all that we're doing, follow of this fun stuff:

Twitter: @GiantSlayerTV (formerly @HeroesHearthTFT)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GiantSlayerTV
Twitch: @GiantSlayerTV
Discord: http://bit.ly/GSTV-Discord
If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments below or throw spaghetti at me on Twitter @workhorseHHE ;)
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