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HeroesHearth Esports Has Launched and We’ve Signed Hold It Down #thedream

I am beyond thrilled to announce that HeroesHearth is officially spinning off an Esports Organization – HeroesHearth Esports (HHE) – and we have signed Hold It Down (Arthelon, BBJ, IshB00, Khroen, McIntyre).

Brasky (Ryan Lougheed, co-owner of HHE) and I (Ian Anderson) have been dreaming of putting together an Org since the release of Heroes of the Storm and like two doves in a Prince song, we knew things were going to get super real once we found the right team.

We have found the right team:

Arthelon (Flex):
We personally watched Arthelon play Quick Match for almost an hour and are now convinced that the bad boy of HotS is ready for the big time. Not only was he a former competitive League of Legends player (competed in the challenger scene in seasons three and four), in the HotS scene, he formed Symbiote Gaming, which would later became TempoStorm and competed on the Cloud9 roster.

BBJ (Support):
BBJ was the Support for team LFM during last HGC Open alongside ishb00 and is consistently found on the leaderboards as a lonely Support player. Previously, he was a challenger League of Legends player until they nerfed support Veigar. Now, he spends his days waiting for Khroen to host him.

IshB00 (Tank):
Forced into the tank role ever since he found out Justing refused to play Muradin, ishb00 has fully embraced the role of becoming his team's punching bag. He has been playing around the amateur HotS scene for a year and half now, most recently with BBJ on team LFM, and is hoping to finally break top 8 with this new squad. When not playing with the team, you can find him sniping BBJ in HL and spamming OP heroes because why lose when you can win instead.

Khroen (Ranged Assassin):
Khroen has played in the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene since September of 2015 with 2ARC Gaming, but rose to the professional level with Gale Force Esports in March of 2016. Khroen has made his mark by placing fifth at IEM Katowice Western Clash (2017), ninth at the DreamHack Summer Global Championships (2016), third at Dream Austin (2016), and winning ESL Burbank (2016 Summer). We also heard that he plays Hearthstone.

McIntyre (Melee Flex):
A veteran of BarrelBoys and Naventic, McIntyre is the reason why Kerrigan was ever relevant on Infernal Shrines. The grumpiest Melee Assassin in the scene won Dreamhack and competed at two World Championships in Korea and Sweden.

Team Staff:

David “Dillon” Connell (Coach):
David 'Dillon' has been a competitive coach for over two years. Since the beginning of time, he has been a Grandmaster player and is subtly in love with spreadsheets. David has a BS in Economics-Finance with a minor in global studie and has worked with a wide variety of teams and individuals.

Rory “Renal” Gilhooly (Manager):
Renal has been involved in the HotS Competitive Scene since 2016. He's managed Miasma Esports and LFM Esports' rosters and is currently working on graduating with a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.

We couldn’t be more excited to support this team. Breakfast Princess (Head of Merchandising and Design of HHE) and I started HeroesHearth a year ago because we wanted to not only contribute to the community that we loved, but also to galvanize the ever-growing ranks of new players looking for educational resources and ways to connect with one another. HeroesHearth Esports will be an amazing new step closer to that on-going quest -- we are excited to be a new voice in the pro Heroes scene, but we are even more proud to directly support a group of individuals who we believe in.

For those of you who are new to HeroesHearth, click here to see what we do and why you should care!

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Dudes, awesome! I've got a new team to root for.
Gratz boys!
Congrats! Well deserved for HiD and fantastic pickup for HH. Pulling for them to make HGC.
Good Luck into the future! :)
This is so meta. Congratulations!
That's awesome. Congratulations.
This is great, I hope all the best to the team and everyone involved.
Excellent stuff! Good luck :D
I'm late to the game reading this news but...hell yes! Count me among those rooting for you.
Finally got a team I'd like to root for. GL HF!