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Heroes Update: Week One

Hey, Gang --

First off, I would like to extend the biggest of thank yous to the literally hundreds and hundreds of kind folks who have sent heartwarming messages to me over the last four days expressing a wide range of support and solidarity.

The Heroes community has always been a close-knit one and it's incredibly inspiring to see the passion and energy first-hand in my inbox, DMs, and messages. You are all amazing!

As promised, in my original blog post about what our post-HGC goals, I will keep this blog updated with our progress.

We spent the weekend exploring an array of ideas on how to properly put together high-caliber content that will help to fill the void. Honestly, we left no stone unturned and now have what we think is a pretty compelling community-focused format for an initial tournament, followed by a circuit, then potentially a league.

But! While putting this all together, we have received messages from fellow Orgs, tournament groups, community figures, and fans looking to do more about working with us to help build something great. In turn, I will be speaking with as many of these people as possible over the next couple of days to get everyone on the same page and find a unified direction.

So, stay tuned, once we connect with everyone, we'll start rolling out plans. We are on this and we aren't giving up, more soon!

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I'm too excited!
I would personally donate some $$$ (not a lot) and time (more than $$$) to see this succeed.  I am a 15+ year business program manager and willing to put some hours in to coordinate if help is needed and welcome.
Let's rock this shit!
Love your loyalty and dedication. Quick question: If you do run a league completely controlled by you guys, have you considered maybe doing a player draft instead of having teams having to recruit their own players? This allows both orgs and players to just "sign up" and each org would only have to recruit 1 captain, and then draft all the players like real sportsballs. This also has the massive advantage of parity. The disadvantage of course is that maybe players won't want to be teammates, but hopefully people can work through it like a real team.
Love to see this grow. Not sure what my professional expertise as a manager and salesman would bring to the table, but let me know if you need a job done!