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Heroes Update: The Next Steps

After a month of seemingly endless organizing, shuffling around, ideation, worrying, logistics, good ideas, bad ideas, great ideas -- I think we finally got there. I’m excited to announce that we are partnering with Tempo Storm, Toasty, and Gladman to launch what we hope will be the first steps towards a new home for competitive play in the Heroes scene. This joint effort will tie together all of the conversations I’ve been having with so many helpful and supportive people across the Blizzard universe.

The first event of this campaign will be the Toasty and Gladman Heroes Invitational, which will take place on February 9-10. The two-day eight-team tournament will feature many of the HGC stalwarts you’d expect to see from North America, will boast a prize pool starting at $5k (and it’s growing), and will feature many of the casters we all love.

Check out LeonBlack's blog here.

Check out Tempo Storm's press release here.

Once we were pushed into the third act of Heroes of the Storm, we spoke with every organization, community leader, and interest group we could to help determine what could be done to pull the scene together in a real way. The enthusiasm and loyalty in this community is remarkable and we wanted to find a workable solution that helped to connect all of those passionate people and honor their wants and wishes.  

It quickly became clear that Tempo Storm had their hearts and priorities in the right place. They not only had the experience and resources to put something big together, but also the momentum and history to unite the banners carried by everyone who wanted to contribute. We’re excited to be involved and we look forward to bringing the Heroes community more great content as this idea develops.

In turn, you can expect extensive coverage of the upcoming tournament on HeroesHearth.com and a deeper dive into the teams and players on a daily and weekly basis as the league concept evolves. We will be your source for news, information, speculation, and -- above all -- entertainment.  

With this all in mind, HHE will be launching a new show, Fight Night, to act as a supplement to what we are building with Tempo and their partners. I’ll fill you all in more on that next week.
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